New Dentures

Acrylic, Chrome, Flexible, Implants and denture sundries: Acrylic Dentures: All our Dentures are constructed using Ultra Impact acrylic (Diamond D) scientifically proven to be one of the strongest available on the market today.

Dental Impants

If you have existing implants, we can construct a new dentures directly for you on the premises.

Denture Cleaning

A lot of breakages occur when people are cleaning their dentures as they can be dropped in the sink when brushing to avoid this simply fill the sink with water and this will break the fall if the dentures are dropped.

Denture Repair

Denture Repairs Cleaning and Maintenance: It is important that if your dentures break or fracture that you get them repaired professionally.

Denture Consultation

We are pleased to announce that we now offer a full consultation service using our new comprehensive clinical inspection and treatment suite.