New Dentures

Acrylic, Chrome, Flexible, Implants and denture sundries:

Acrylic Dentures: All our Dentures are constructed using Ultra Impact acrylic (Diamond D) scientifically proven to be one of the strongest available on the market today. Our dentures are all contoured to mimic the natural gum and blend into the oral environment. Care is taken to produce a denture that is so natural looking that they don’t look false.

The photo below shows full acrylic dentures, these can be upper, lower or both. The dentures are constructed using ultra impact acrylic resin, which are contoured and textured realistically to mimic the natural gum.

Partial acrylic dentures: The photos below shows a partial acrylic denture which would be used to replace missing teeth. Ultra impact acrylic is used, the denture base is contoured realistically and quality artificial teeth are used to match your natural tooth colour and shape. Special clips or clasps can be used to retain the denture to stop it moving during function. In addition we now supply a range of new clear clasps.
Sometimes metal clasps can be too obvious, for example, if they are used on the eye teeth or canines they can be too visible.
For the most natural look and comfortable fit, choose VisiClear clasps for your partial denture. VisiClear clasps are made from a state-of-the-art thermoplastic material that is lightweight, flexible, stain resistant and durable.
Left is the new clear clasp which has a more natural look. Right is the conventional metal clasp which attaches the new denture to the tooth.

Chrome dentures: These are the “Rolls Royce” of partial Dentures. They are lightweight, hygienic and more comfortable than a conventional acrylic partial denture. Our chrome frameworks are made by a long term local colleague with whom we have an excellent working relationship. We believe that these chromes are of the highest possible quality. Titanium castings are available also upon request.

This denture was designed to avoid breakage as the lower teeth bite close to the palate of the upper. All her previous dentures had fractured . The metal runs up to the back of the front teeth therefore avoiding fractures. As you can see the metal work behind the teeth is not visible from the front .

Flexible dentures: Hypoallergenic, flexible but stable in the mouth. These dentures use the base to grip around the existing teeth to firmly secure the denture. (Flexible dentures not suitable for every case).We can discuss with you at your free consultation if this option would be suitable for you.

The denture base is made from a special flexible material, non-brittle and the denture base does not easily fracture. The base
is extended around the existing teeth thus stabilizing the denture, not all of these dentures are suitable for every person.