Dental Cleaning

A lot of breakages occur when people are cleaning their dentures as they can be dropped in the sink when brushing to avoid this simply filling the sink with water and this will break the fall if the dentures are dropped.

When your dentures are not being worn it is important to keep them moist so store them in a Glass or pot filled with plain water.

Use special paste designed especially for dentures, not toothpaste, as toothpaste is mildly abrasive and can cause minute scratches on the denture surface which in turn can attract bacteria.

If denture tablets are used to disinfect your dentures do not soak them overnight in this solution as this can deteriorate the acrylic if overused.

It is best to leave your dentures out at night to keep the tissues in your mouth healthy. Some people do not like to remove the dentures in front of their partners, if this is the case then we suggest a bath time regime where you remove your dentures whilst you are in the bath or when your partner is out of the house for a while so that the tissues in your mouth can rest.

Never super glue your dentures if they break and always get them professionally repaired. Superglue can be harmful and can damage them beyond repair if stuck incorrectly.

We can clean, polish and disinfect your dentures with special denture chemicals.
Cleaning products are available to purchase from us.
It is important to be more vigilant with your oral hygiene with partial denture wearers as more plaque can accumulate when wearing dentures.